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I am trying to make a dynamic report with a subtotals in BIRT with the following format

Field 1| Field 2|| Jan  |  Feb | March ||Before Feb 1| After Feb 1| Total
   A   |    B   ||  2   |   4  |    4  ||            |      8     |  10 

I am using a crosstab. I have managed to get it working by editing the Gui but I can't generate the same output programmicaly. I need to generate the output as the report fiels are dynamic.

I have three measures

measure("beforeDateKilos") this is from a ComputedColumn
measure("afterDateKilos") this is from a ComputedColumn

In the GUI I added a grid to the grand total cells.

------Grand Total Column---------------
| ----------Grid--------------------  |
| |Before Feb 1| After Feb 1| Total | |
| |  2         |      8     |  10   | |
| ----------------------------------- |

The only way I can find to create the grand total is to call the following method:

CrosstabCellHandle columnTotalCrosstabCellHandle =  

Calling just produces one column and only the heading column can be changed. How do I generate a grand total column with a custom output or that has sub totals?

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I am looking into extends CrossTab. –  Rebzie Oct 4 '12 at 23:54

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I may not be on the right track, but I think this will help you at least to get on the right direction. In the binding tab for that Grand Total Grid, select the "Report Item " radio button and bind it to the appropriate table which has your sub-total and other values you need. You may need to provide appropriate table binding label for your convienience. Now you can use all the fields available on that table.

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Thanks for the reply do you know how to bind the aggregations to the cross tabs using the Java API? –  Rebzie Oct 11 '12 at 4:01
You bind the aggregation, in BIRT when you add it to the report. Select the aggregation, in the 'Property Editor' select the tab 'Binding' –  James Jenkins Mar 19 '13 at 16:51

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