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I have an application where i have disabled the echoing for the password field after hitting the following command:

java -cp testJar.jar testClassFileInJar username

where username is a parameter provided to the main method of the class testClassFileInJar. After hitting enter, password is prompted. When i try the following command i could not make it run and the java1.out file is also empty.

nohup java -cp testJar.jar testClassFileInJar username & > java1.out

Please suggest. To summarize, I need logging to be done in java1.out file and nohup command to be used with this java command.

I have used the following code in main method:

Console console = System.console();
String userName = args[0];
String password = String.valueOf(console.readPassword("Password: "));
//other code logic for processing username and password
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Try the following instead:

nohup java -cp testJar.jar testClassFileInJar username > java1.out &
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I tried it. Its not working :( – Arun Sep 27 '12 at 8:21
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I tried with nohup but nothing worked. I then configured logger to the application(java.util.logging.Logger) and used screen to run the following command.

java -cp testJar.jar testClassFileInJar username

In screen this command will prompt for the password.

Simply satisfied my requirement :)

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