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I have two radio buttons, and I want something to display below them depending on which one the user selects. Here's my code: fiddle

I can't seem to target the correct p therefore nothing shows up when a radio button is selected

Any idea why my code fails to work? Thanks

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I made a simple modification to your HTML code and also for JS

    <div class="accordion">  
        <input type="radio" name="recog" id="recog_yes" value="0" />
        <label for="recog">Yes</label>

        <input type="radio" name="recog1" id="recog_no" value="1" />
        <label for="recog">No</label>

            show this for yes

            show this for no


Any input or select controls must be integrated into form tag.

And js:

    $('.accordion p').hide();

    $('.accordion input[type="radio"]').click(function() {
       $('.accordion p').hide();   

        $('.accordion input[type="radio"]').removeAttr("checked");

        $(this).prop("checked", true);


        return false;

See jsfiddle

Seems a bug for jsfiddle (or not) in Firefox 15 and radio button is not selected/checked.

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thank you but I really want to figure out this little bug. If you select one value it won't select another, the value changes but the radio button for the other one stays empty –  Richard Sep 27 '12 at 7:59
Check the updated Js script and HTML (see the name for input radio). I figured that is a bug in Firefox if use jsfiddle. –  Snake Eyes Sep 27 '12 at 8:10

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