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I will show through an example that I want:

orignal state:

using (var myobject = new DisposableObject())
  //some code that no longer use myobject
  int x = 5;
  int y = x+5;

desired state:

  //some code that no longer use myobject
  int x = 5;
  int y = x+5;

I would like to achieve this change with a keyboard combination or a resharper command or maybe a macro. So not through deleting both of the curly brackets and the using line by hand. Is this possible?

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Not a single command but this will work (needs Resharper):

  • delete the "using" line (shift+del)
  • put the cursor on the { and hit alt+enter,
  • choose "remove braces".
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That's great :). shift+del, end, alt+enter, enter. Isn't it possible to write a macro on these 4 steps? –  Kornél Regius Sep 27 '12 at 8:01

This macro also works if the braces and the using block are in a different lines, just needs a shortcut to be added:

Sub deleteusingblock()
    Dim sel As TextSelection = DTE.ActiveDocument.Selection
    Dim ap As VirtualPoint = sel.ActivePoint

    If (sel.Text() <> "") Then Exit Sub
    ' reposition
    DTE.ExecuteCommand("Edit.GoToBrace") : DTE.ExecuteCommand("Edit.GoToBrace")

    If (ap.DisplayColumn <= ap.LineLength) Then sel.CharRight(True)

    Dim c As String = sel.Text
    Dim isRight As Boolean = False
    If (c <> "(" And c <> "[" And c <> "{") Then
        sel.CharLeft(True, 1 + IIf(c = "", 0, 1))
        c = sel.Text
        If (c <> ")" And c <> "]" And c <> "}") Then Exit Sub
        isRight = True
    End If

    Dim line = ap.Line
    Dim pos = ap.DisplayColumn
    If (isRight) Then sel.CharRight(True) Else sel.CharLeft(True)

    sel.Text = ""
    If (isRight And line = ap.Line) Then pos = pos - 1
    sel.MoveToDisplayColumn(line, pos)
    sel.Text = ""
End Sub

(source: chris's answer: Delete Matching Braces in Visual Studio )

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