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Say I have an array of Person objects and the person objects have properties firstName, lastName, and age. Now suppose I want an array of the firstnames of all these person objects. How can I convert this array of Person objects into an array of firstname strings?

Is there some combination of array functions I can use to do it or do I just have use a for loop and create a new array?

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You can use array_map

    class Person
    public $firstName ;
    public $lastName ;
    public $age ;

    function __construct($firstName,$lastName,$age)
        $this->firstName = $firstName ;
        $this->lastName = $lastName ;
        $this->age = $age ;

$list = array();
$list[] = new Person("John", "Smith", 22);
$list[] = new Person("Jon", "Doe", 19);
$list[] = new Person("Jane", "Stack", 21);

$lastNames = array_map(function($var){return $var->lastName ; } ,$list);


  0 => string 'Smith' (length=5)
  1 => string 'Doe' (length=3)
  2 => string 'Stack' (length=5)
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Thank you this is what I was looking for –  User Sep 27 '12 at 8:19

You can loop through the array of person objects, and then loop through the person object and create array from the firstname property. See an example, which coincidently uses a person class as an example:


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A simple loop would be the best:

$persons = getPersons();

$firstnames = array();

foreach($persons as $person) {
    $firstnames[] = $person->getFirstName();    
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You have to loop through the array of objects. Either use the normal foreach or use array_map.

function get_first_name($person)
    return $person->firstName;
$firstNames = array_map('get_first_name', $people);
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