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I am using EPPLUS to retrieve string values from Excel. The strings take the form: "117 60% A" and I split them at the linebreaks. This worked perfectly normal when I used Interop to retrieve the values. But I switched to EPPLUS because Interop is rather slow. But suddenly the Parse method fails because the 60% does contain some additional ...strings. They look and print normal, but the Visual Sutdio editor shows me that the string takes the form: ' "60%" & vbCr & "" '. What is the meaning of the "&". Normally it would show a string concenation, but that makes not too much sense. Does anyone have an Idea about how to detect this problem?


dim TestString="117

Dim Splitstring() As String = Split(Value, Chr(10))

for i=0 to splitstring.length-1
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The reason is that you split only with chr(10) = LF while the CR (chr(13)) remains in your string. Windows uses CRLF (13,10) as a line terminator - a relic from the days of the terminals.


dim TestString as string = "117

Dim Splitstring() As String = Split(TestString.Replace(vbCr,""), vbLf)

for i=0 to splitstring.length-1

This way it doesn't matter if there is a CR or not (ie. Linux text files) that are being parsed. Hope this helps.

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Ah, thank your ver much! – Christian Sauer Sep 27 '12 at 8:40

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