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In mutt, when I open a message , it is opened with vim. The lines longer that the screen width are wrapped and a small red "plus" is displayed at the beginning of the wrapped line. What vim command enables that?


|<------ screen width -------->|                                             
very long line very long line very long line ...

Wrapped with "plus":

|<------ screen width -------->|                                             
very long line very long line                                                
+very long line very long line                                               
+very long line                                                              
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Try this:

 set showbreak=+
 set wrap
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Unless mutt fiddles with the actual text, it's probably

:set wrap
:set showbreak=+

The red highlighting would then come from the @<hlgroupname> flag in :set highlight?.

Except 'wrap', these are global settings, so either your Vim has these non-default configurations somewhere, or it is explicitly set by mutt when it invokes Vim.

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See :help showbreak. You can change the string used to prepend wrapped lines.

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