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I am trying to deploy a Dynamic Webproject on a local Tomcat 7.0. The problem is, that I reference another Dynamic Webproject within my project. The debugger knows all the Clases because I referenced them in the Build Path, but if I deploy them on the Tomcat, so that no ClassNotFoundException will be thrown?

I tried to change the Deployment Assembly, but this won't work for a reference to a Dynamic Webproject. The only solution I found is, to create a .jar of the referenced Webproject and add the .jar to the Deployment Assembly. This works and could be automated with some kind of maven/ant script, but I'm not that into these solutions, so the best would be a solution within Eclipse. Anybody has an Idea here?

Best Regards, Robin

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Try to use export feature of eclipse.

Export as jar file to your referenced project and add this jar to your main project.

Right click your project->Export->Java->Jar File

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Thank you for your Answer, that is the way I use for a workaround, but I will change the referenced Dynamic Webproject a lot. So this can't be the solution. You will waste hours of exporting. – Robin Sep 27 '12 at 8:49
At last that is really the only Workaround I was able to find. Thank you for your reply. – Robin Oct 4 '12 at 12:41

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