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Okay. please see bottom screenshot for illustration on frontend. What i'm trying to do here is when the user makes a selection in the select form ie: selects Received, I want to get the value of the inputbox directly on the bottom of the select form and send it via $.post to another script in order for me to process it.

I can't seem to get the data pass over via $.post to read the value in the inputbox. Main focus should be at the $.post area. I tried using $('.order_item_id').val(); in my $.post data but i only get the value under the first inputbox regardless of whichever selectbox i make the selection from.


Here is the section of my javascript and php.


    var closest_div=$(this).closest('div.order_receipt');
    var closest_selectbox=$(this).closest('.order_stat_sel');       
        if(confirm('Confirm Receipt of this item?')){
            $.post("/seller/buyer_cfm_receive.php",{order_item_id: $(this).closest('.order_item_id').val()}, function(data) {
                alert("Congrats, Order Item Completed" + data);


                echo '<select class="order_stat_sel" name="order_status">';
                    echo '<option class="select_pending" value="'.$pendingitem_state[2].'">'.$pendingitem_state[3].'</option>';
                    echo '<option class="select_received" value="'.$enditem_state[2].'">'.$enditem_state[3].'</option>';            
                echo '</select>';
            <form class="send_order_cfm_input">
                <input class="order_item_id" name="order_item_id" value="<?php echo $item->virtuemart_order_item_id;?>" type="text" readonly="readonly">

Any help appreciated

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.closest() finds the closest ancestor of the element, but you are actually searching for a descendant of a neighbour:

    function() {
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fantastic!. Works Like a charm. Thank you nbrooks. –  Lawrence Sep 27 '12 at 10:34

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