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so this one has stupped me cant find a good explanation anywhere, so i have a php service which provides an array of objects in binary back to my flash application. the service is fed into an mx:list, the sevice has 4 fields countrycode, citycode, city, and url. what i need to do is to call the url for each object and feed it to this itemClickHandler this is what i have tried plus the other two others on RIAstar's answer what am i doing wrong here?,

protected function citylist_itemClickHandler(event:ListEvent):void
        var data:City = citylist.selectedItem as City;
        navigateToURL(new URLRequest(data.url));


this is the mx:list with getCitysResult as the objects

    <mx:List includeIn="data" x="28" y="10" width="312" height="255" id="citylist" dataProvider="{getCitysResult.lastResult}" labelField="city" itemClick="citylist_itemClickHandler(event)">

what i need to do is get each row of this list to have a url link for the Mouse click

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The ListEvent has a property rowIndex which carries the index of the row that was just clicked. You can use this index to retrieve the correct element from the dataProvider.

var city:City = cityList.dataProvider.getItemAt(event.rowIndex) as City;
navigateToURL(new URLRequest(city.url));

or directly on the service result object (which is the same, since it's bound):

var city:City = getCitysResult.lastResult.getItemAt(event.rowIndex) as City;

(unless that lastResult object is an Array: then it would be getCitysResult.lastResult[event.rowIndex])

or (the shortest way) use the List's selectedItem property:

var city:City = cityList.selectItem as City;
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