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i placed my navbar inside a class="container"

(move the partition to the left to view the whole container).

you'd see the navbar will go beyond its container.

i played around the bootstrap.css but can't seem to figure out where / which to adjust

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Make the .navbar a full width column with the .span12 class like this:

<div class="navbar span12">



The elements with the row class have a negative margin-left by default to compensate the margins on the colums (with the span class). The columns have a margin-left to distance themselves from the column before, so the content has some nice spacing. By default bootstrap has 12 columns, so when you make the span of the navbar 12 columns it fits exactly within the container. But because it is a column it has the right margin-left to compensate for the negative margin-left of the row. You can see a nice example of the different sized colums here.

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wow! this worked. but would you be so kind to explain to me the logic behind? i just wanna know. – user1666411 Sep 27 '12 at 9:25
@user1666411 i updated the answer with an explanation – Ties Sep 27 '12 at 9:35

The is a margin:-20px; on ".row, .thumbnails" and on ".row". Overwrite this to prevent your issue from happening.

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