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My mongoose Schema:

        title: 'string',
        items: [{
            uid: 'string',
            type: {type: 'string'},
            title: 'string',
            items: [{uid: 'string', type: {type: 'string'}, text: 'string'}]

How to tell mongoose that items (and items of items) are not documents, but just nested objects? I don't need nor _id property or any document's functionality for them, but I want to define them and restrict with schema.

Is _id: false is enough?

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Embedded document arrays without their own schema (like you show above) will always have an _id field. If you want to suppress the _id they have to have their own schema and you need to set the { _id: false } option on their schema definition.

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Ok, thank you for you response! –  WHITECOLOR Sep 27 '12 at 13:51

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