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I am automataing a webbased application using Selenium Webdriver. A report is generated in PDF format is opened Acrobat reader. I have to save that PDF to a specific location and then close the pdf. So how can it be done thru automation. I tried searching on net and found this can be done using VB script but then need Adobe professional version for the same. Also the report that is generated doesnot have a specific title. That keeps changing. Can this be done using javascript ? Thanks

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It's possible to generate some PDF in JS, try

It will return you an base64 string or an URI. Then you can redirect your visitor to the PDF (with this URI) or write down the base64 in a file.

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jspdf is used to create a pdf, but in my case the pdf is generated and now need to save that pdf at a certain location in the system. – gSr Sep 27 '12 at 9:49

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