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I have a Marionette.CompositeView which needs to render a collection.
I would like to filter this collection on fetch and add action.
I tried with the following code (1) but I get the following error (2).

Any ideas, thanks.


var myCompositeView = Marionette.CompositeView.extend({

    initialize: function () {
        this.collection = app.taskCollection.where({type: 'todo'});



// Uncaught TypeError: Object  has no method 'on'
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Marionette's CompositeView and CollectionView both expect the collection setting to be a valid Backbone.Collection. The where method on Backbone's collection does not return a Backbone.Collection, it return an array. So you have to wrap a collection around the results:

initialize: function(){
  var filtered = app.taskCollection.where({type: 'todo'});
  this.collection = new Backbone.Collection(filtered);

Of course you can use any type that extends from Backbone.Collection. I just wanted to illustrate the point of it being a collection with this example.

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Somewhat unrelated but ... if you are using routes to pass in filter criteria, the collection won't necessarily be ready/fetched in order to be filtered by the time 'initialize' is called? –  Crungmungus Nov 19 '12 at 15:51

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