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I am not looking for a function in C, a macro would be helpful. This is how I would like to use the bitmap. Usage :

int bitmap;
if(bitmap != 0)
   do something
   do something  

Suppose bit map becomes an array of bitmaps, how do I achieve the same result (without making a function call)?

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homework tag is removed now....!!!!! –  Mr.32 Sep 27 '12 at 9:35
"I am not looking for a funtion in c ,A macro would be helpful" Can you explain the reasoning behind this statement? Why can't you use a function? –  Lundin Sep 27 '12 at 11:03
the check comes in fast code path and i cant afford to have a function call overhead for each of it. –  Varun Kulkarni Sep 28 '12 at 4:18
Don't worry about the cost of calling functions in C. The compiler will most likely inline that function anyway, if you set the appropriate optimization flags. –  David Foerster Nov 24 '13 at 13:40

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You can iterate over the array:

int i;
int non_zero_found = 0;
for (i = 0; i < sizeofthearray; ++i)
    if (array[i] != 0)
        non_zero_found= 1;
if (non_zero_found)
    // do something
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You're right, I misread the question... edited :) –  MByD Sep 27 '12 at 11:20

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