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are you allowed to place a "send feedback" button (which would, for instance, open up a mail to app support) in your iOS app?

I recall reading on one of the App Store submission procedure docs and / or UI guidelines that you're not allowed to place a custom "send feedback" form (or button?) in your own app as users should be using the App Store review mechanism instead. However, I can't seem to find this anymore, so I'm not sure if this is still valid.

Does anybody know more about this? It seems an obvious way to (hopefully) get users (even dissatisfied ones) to cooperate with you and prevent them from writing angry reviews without you being able to reply at all.

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Can you provide the exact source where you found this restriction? I never heard/read of that. –  miho Apr 17 '13 at 18:14
As I said, I can't seem to find the source anymore. Also, this question is pretty old by now and resolved as well, so I'm not sure how I can help you. –  pille Apr 17 '13 at 20:35

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I have included a "Send Feedback" button in a few apps in the past that opened the email modal without any review issues to date.

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I can confirm that. I have included a "Send Feedback" buttons in all my apps too without any review issues yet. –  miho Apr 17 '13 at 18:02

No, it's not prohibited and in fact, is a MUCH better way to engage with your app customers. My company, Apptentive, provides services to app developers like you to power in-app feedback (an improvement on email because it keeps your customers in the app) and the result of engaging with your customers in the app is that you have far more happy customers and better ratings.

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No need to add a button, there's a better way to get feedback from your users.

Take advantage of the free in app feedback service http://Instabug.io, users just shake the device to get the feedback form & they can send a message & define the severity of their feedback also they can attach a screenshot for the app & draw on it to further illustrate the inconvenient part of the view.

Developers will get notified instantly when a new feedback is sent, you can check all of the feedback from the online dashboard ... every feedback has info about the app at the moment it was sent to enhance the debugging, info like (carrier - location - memory - storage - iOS version - device - console log - app version)

It's a free service & only takes 60 seconds to integrate it with your iOS app, just include their SDK & add a single line of code ... they have a good video tutorial for that, enjoy

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