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I'm using asp.net web forms. I add simple javascript function to button OnClientClick - I need to close window. But this simple peace of code stop working in Opera (12.10) after form data was changed:

    <script type="text/javascript">
        function CloseCurrentWindow(sender, args) {
            window.close(); // self.close() and this.close() act similar

Does anybody know such kind of issue (and, maybe, solution).


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After a few hours of investigation, I've figured out that currently browser Opera doesn't support window.colse() function on objects (windows) that was created using _target=blanck. Only those windows that was created using javascript can be handled by javascript, which is sad..

Hope in future they will change this behavior to more user-friendly (or developer-friendly)

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Too bad they haven't...Still... The year of our lord 2014. –  Edge Apr 13 at 22:52

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