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Is going through the Windows Shop within Windows 8 the only way to know about the apps that are currently available (and if an app idea is already taken)? I've seen Windows 8 app links like this one -

...but going to the root site throws a "403 - Forbidden: Access is denied" and a search for "Windows 8 Store" doesn't provide any useful results. I guess there will be something after the official Windows 8 launch but is there anything else I'm missing? As a developer, I would love to see a summary listing of apps that shows a brief description, its features and Capabilities used.

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Unfortunately for us, Microsoft is not providing any such information regarding the Store apps. All we can do is glean a bit from here and there. Zdnet has mentioned the number of apps, for example.

Have a look here and here

This link in particular maybe of some use because it provides estimated app category breakdown.

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I created site to see what's new in apps for all countries (but you can also use country filter).

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I found a file with a site map that you may be able to use for a listing of apps:

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Nice find. The file was all of 6MB. Going by the name, I guess it was meant for search engines. I didn't know sitemaps could be that big. – mvark Nov 21 '12 at 18:53 is a searchable directory on the web. It's not the entire Store, the content is filtered to remove poor quality apps. Disclosure: this is my site, so clearly I think that's an advantage :) is the full Store using the Australian content. He published the source code ( so you could set this up for any country if you wished.

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Update - It is now possible to search for Windows Store & Windows Phone apps even from non-Windows 8 machines and also view apps by category from the official Microsoft websites.

As @mamata-dalal & @gyurisc have mentioned, there is currently no official Windows 8 app directory.

I came across the website Windows8Apps (though not perfect) that comes close to what I'm looking for.

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Currently there is no other place than the Windows 8 Store is the only place, but I am sure soon there will be plenty of sites categorizing these apps.

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