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i call a wcf ria services function which returns more than 100,000 records. when i debug the code, the returned object from that function takes normal time to load this much records. but when in the view model's load operation's callback function, it gets stuck there for unlimited time. can anyone please guide me on this.

please check the code of my view model below...

EntityQuery<DataSetData> KPIPivotGridViewDataQuery = GridDataContext.GetPivotGridViewKPIDataQuery(KPIInfo.KPI_Id, srcTableName, HelperMethods.GetLanguageID(), dateCol, StDate, EdDate);
            LoadOperation<DataSetData> loPivotGridViewDataQuery =   GridDataContext.Load(KPIPivotGridViewDataQuery);

            loPivotGridViewDataQuery.Completed += (sender, e) =>
                LoadOperation<DataSetData> vals = sender as LoadOperation<DataSetData>;
                if (!vals.HasError)
                    DataSetData data = vals.Entities.FirstOrDefault();
                    IEnumerable KPIPivotGridViewData = DynamicDataBuilder.GetDataList(data);
                    this.PivotGridViewPagedView = new RadGVPagging(KPIPivotGridViewData);//new ObservableCollection<object>(KPIPivotGridViewData.Cast<object>());

                    this.isBusy = false;
                    this.isBusy = false;
                    //this.BIChart.IsBusy = false;
                    SilverlightMessageBox.ShowErrorDialog(vals.Error.Message, rm.GetString("msgErrorHeading", CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture));
                    ISFLogging.AddLog(vals.Error.Message, "GetPivotGridViewData.loChartDataQuery_Completed");
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There is a limit on how much data you can pass. Maybe check this for how to change it

How do I increase the amount of data I can pass back from a RIA Service?

and also this


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hi, thanks for the answer. i already tried this by changing the time and max data transfer limit, but it doesn't work for me. the problem is that i get no exception and in the debug mode compiler never reaches the callback event. any other clue for me ?? –  asif Sep 27 '12 at 13:58
Run up Fiddler and see if the problem is your service not returning the results. –  Chui Tey Sep 28 '12 at 4:43
i already have tried that but it returns the content i needed. –  asif Sep 28 '12 at 7:16
Not sure, but I would get this if I would return straight IEnumerable rather then doint ToList() from ria domain service. Signature could be IEnumerable but you had to transform it to List before returning it. –  epitka Oct 5 '12 at 14:34
I returns a custom object with following properties [Include] [Association("ListTables", "DataSetName", "DataSetName")] [DataMember] public Collection<DataTableInfo> Tables { get; set; } [Key] [DataMember] public string DataXML { get; set; } [DataMember] public string DataSetName { get; set; } –  asif Oct 8 '12 at 12:23

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