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OpenFileDialog's ShowDialog method returns a nullable boolean, set to true if the user clicked OK or false if he clicked Cancel. When does it return null? The documentation does not say.

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"Curiosity" is a perfectly good answer, but I'm curious to know why you ask? Why not just compare what it returns to "true" (TryParse, etc, etc) and roll on? –  lance Aug 11 '09 at 17:44
Just wondering why they use a nullable boolean over a standard one. Comparing against true works fine, as you suggested. –  M. Dudley Aug 11 '09 at 17:50
Now you've got me curious, too. Hopefully someone will come along with a good answer! –  lance Aug 11 '09 at 17:54
Is a nullable boolean returned only by WPF's ShowDialog (and not WinForms')? –  lance Aug 11 '09 at 18:02

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This is stated in the questions linked below, but I'll mention here that Programming WPF (Chris Sells, Ian Griffiths) says:

ShowDialog will always return true or false. ... Only after a dialog has been shown but before it's been closed is DialogResult null.

Similar question: When would ShowDialog() return null?

And: Why is DialogResult a nullable bool in WPF?

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According to the .NET reflector, Microsoft.Win32.OpenFileDialog.ShowDialog is implemented by a base class, Microsoft.Win32.CommonDialog. That implementation has only one return clause:

return new bool?(this.RunDialog(activeWindow));

RunDialog returns a bool, not a bool?.

bool? is just a C# shorthand for System.Nullable<bool>. The constructor of System.Nullable<bool>, according to reflector again, sets the value of the nullable to its parameter, and marks its hasValue property as true.

So... you shouldn't ever get a null result. A quick test confirms that closing the dialog without canceling (red x button) indeed returns a false value, not a null.

The Windows Forms version of OpenFileDialog returns a DialogResult, which has a wider range of values.

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My guess is that OpenFileDialog returns bool? to be consistent with other WPF dialogs that actually can return a null result.

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