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in my pge i have this :

<p:layout style="min-width:1400px;min-height:600px;" id="layout">

   <p:layoutUnit position="west" resizable="true" size="300">
     a tree ...

<p:layoutUnit id="center" position="center" size="800">  
     tabs ..


when a user selects a tree node i should display the selected node information in a tab component and this tab is located in the layoutUnit positionned in the center (id="center") initially this layoutUnit should be empty Any idea how to do it ?

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What have you tried? Does it need to be an ajax update? Where is your managed bean code? What do you think you should do? – maple_shaft Sep 27 '12 at 11:22
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Use the rendered attribute of your tab component.

This rendered attribute could be toggled from "false" to "true" (this value would be held in a bean) when some actionlistener is triggered in your tree component. Look at this question for concrete steps (and check the second answer, not the first): How can I show/hide component with JSF?

NB: this is not primefaces specific so I removed the tag from your question to reflect this.

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