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I have written a php code and built a jar file. Through php I send parameters to jar file. In jar file I basically read the parameter with scanner - nextLine.

My question is, how can I implement such a code that acts like an Enter key to be able to continue the program? When I send the parameter, let me say after 10 milliseconds, java will press key automatically.

Thanks for any advance.

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The robot class can do this for you in java. Here is an excample how to use it.

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I would use a stop character, instead of a simulated button click. Append a special character that is normally not found in your php-generated string and let your scanner read it character by character until special char is found.

Java code:

boolean found = false;
String parameter = "";
Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
       String input =;
       parameter += input + "\n";
            found = true;
//here goes the code to deal with finished input

Hope this helps

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As per my understanding , check for KeyEvent with getKeyCode() or directly pass KeyCode as hardCoded after 10 milliseconds.

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 //do stuff here
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