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In my form1, I have a listbox which has a list of items, call them forms. On the same form i have 12 textboxes, each form can have a maximum of 12 reports assigned to it, these reports will displayed in the textboxes.

How do i go through each listbox items(forms) checking how many reports have been assigned to it based on the textbox and displaying the count next to the homeform in the listbox.

i have written the method below which is called as soon as my form loads, but i am using the database to figure out the count, but the count gets me to total rather than count for each, is there any way to refine this or a better solution?

    public void countValues()
        int count = 0;

        foreach (var s in listBox1.Items)
            var forms = s;

            var HomeForms = (FormItems)forms;

            foreach (DataSet1.xAnalysisUsageRow anuse in myDataSet.xAnalysisUsage)
                var defNull = anuse.Isxanu_DefaultNull();
                if (!defNull)
                    if (HomeForms.types.xlib_ID == anuse.xanu_Use)

                        var id = HomeForms.types.xlib_ID;
                        var library = myDataSet.xspGetAnalysisUsageTypes.FindByxlib_ID(id);
                        var libName = library.xlib_Desc;
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I think your count variable should be initialized under first foreach loop.

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you can use the .length in the back end code, returns the number of items in the list

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