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I am writing a Java code for Linux RHEL 5 machine. The requirement is that while sitting at machine A, I should be able to edit some files in a remote machine B. Both machine A & B are RHEL. Now the following possibilities are there. Can anyone please suggest which is better or if any other way is there:

  1. Write a shell script to do this. Execute the shell script from A such that changes happen in B

  2. Write a java code on A, that is able to login to B and edit files in B.

  3. Write a java file editing utility (pattern-matching thing). Push this util on B through another java code. Execute the file edit util in B. Somehow the trigger for executing the util in B should also be given by A


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Eclipse Remote System Explorer lets you do just that:

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You can also use java library to do that :

Check out the examples link.

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It depends on your needs but I think it is easier and faster to do that with bash scripts and some linux tools like nc, telnet or ssh for instance.

With ssh is as simple as:

ssh user@remote mkdir /tmp/new_directory

I hope it helps...

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