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I have an GSM Modem And I want to attach it with pc and want to send text msges from oracle database to user mobile phone.Please any one tell me is there any authentic way to send sms from oracle db to user mobiles.I want make my own gate way for this type of requirments using .net plateform like or c# please any one tell me to how can send sms from oracle by using as front end developmetn and oracle db as back end

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Quite intriguing. There's no native way to do it and you will have to use some external tools to achieve this.

Follow this


Send SMS Using GSM Modem/Mobile Phone & its Supporting Software/Utility.

There are many software/utilities/Tools which can do this, but here i am using a free project. In this Way, Install/Configure: * Red Hat Linux Operating System * Oracle Database 8i/9.x/10.x * Gnokii - For Nokia Mobile Phone

    Download    :
    Install     : 
    Sample File :
    User Guide  :

    * Nokia Mobile Phone With Data Cable - []

Try to Send SMS Using the Command.

$ echo "This is a test SMS using Gnokii-Linux..." | gnokii --sendsms +12052059201

Note : Message Length = 160 Characters. It Will Take 30 - 40 Seconds and will send the SMS to the desired Number.

To Test & Configure it in Oracle Database, you have to Create a Java Class.


  Host_Command (p_command => 'echo "This is a test SMS from Oracle Database." | gnokii --sendsms +12052059201');    
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Sir I Already Have Tried successfully the gnokii setup but gnokii is not a freeware application i want some freeware idea – user1819920 Sep 28 '12 at 3:58

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