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I have this little alias in my $HOME/.sbtrc which generally works quite well at making sbt reload everything, re-resolve everything, re-prepare everything for Eclipse, etc.:

alias full-reload=;reload;clean;update;eclipse with-source=true

However, I couldn't use this when I upgraded the sbteclipse sbt plugin today - sbt stubbornly refused to even start, because it didn't recognise the existence of a settings key that I was trying to set in my project's build.sbt that exists only in the newer version of the sbteclipse plugin, and the only way I could find to work around the issue was to delete the old version of the plugin from the ivy cache and restart sbt. How can I do a full full reload?

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Deleting the entire $HOME/.ivy2/cache directory and restarting sbt, then using the above alias (in every affected project), should work - but that's a bit of a sledgehammer approach!

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I modified my alias to reload plugins as well, which would have been needed for this problem:

alias full-reload=;reload plugins;clean;reload return;clean;update;eclipse with-source=true
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