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I want to create a program, which can encrypt and decrypt a complete file with an individual password. Is there any way to manage this in Qt and/or C++ and how?

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I've never used it myself, but I've heard great things about QCA. It's cross platfrom, uses a Qt-style API and Qt datatypes.

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+1 for Qt oriented library –  Idan K Aug 12 '09 at 0:00

www.cryptopp.com is a very complete C++ library with implementations of most algorithms.

The actual program (select file, read, obtain key, encrypt etc) should be piece of cake.

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Old, I know, but try Botan. It's actually used internally by Qt Creator 2.0. If you download the Qt Creator 2.0 sources you can find a copy of Botan 1.8.8 all set up for the Qt build system (qmake).

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Neither Qt nor the C++ standard library have encryption built-in. You'll need another external library to handle encryption.

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Qt doesn't provide functionality to encrypt/decrypt.

QCryptographicHash only generates hashes. It is not what you are looking for.

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