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I have got a float fild with value = 2.05 and when I do field*1000 the result is 2049.999952316284 Why isn´t the result 2050.0? .


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If you need it exact then use decimal in instead of a float –  Clodoaldo Neto Sep 27 '12 at 12:03
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read this article:

Floating Point Bugs in Mysql

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Presumably because the field is not stored as 2.05 but rather 2.04999. What happens if you increase the resolution of the field, ie store it as 2.0500?

This problem is due to computers' inability to store some real numbers accurately.

Incidentally, if the value is supposed to be a currency value, store it as numeric (12,2) and then there won't be any floating point errors.

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