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I am creating a pie chart in which each section is a separate button with background image and denotes an individual method, but uibutton has a rectangular shape and all the buttons overlap.

I want to select a section(button) (i.e the button shape should be the image's shape not the default rectangular button) without disturbing the adjacent sections(buttons)...

eg: consider an pie chart with 8 sectors denoted by 8 buttons from 1 to 8,the buttons have background images of sectored shape,if a user taps anywhere on 1st sector(button) then any other sector(button) should not be clicked...

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Add a UITapGestureRecognizer to the whole pie chart.

Get the coordinates of the tap within the chart, and use mathematics to determine which slice the tap is on.

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Here is a Solution for this Question.And This sample can be helpful for you.

You may also refer to this Link.

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if your using in interface builder,Just change your button type into custom and assign yur image to the button.in coding just assign a customised button

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a customised button has a rectangular area of selection...it is not exactly the image... –  A_Thorne Oct 4 '12 at 9:21

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