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I'm building this IP manager tool using the ManagementClass, but I'm facing issues when trying to set an IPv6 address through WMI.

The relevant part of the code I'm using is the following:

ManagementBaseObject ipParams = wmiManager.GetMethodParameters("EnableStatic");
ipParams["IPAddress"] = ipAddresses; // { "fe80::fcd8:70b5:89f3:825d" }
ipParams["SubnetMask"] = netmasks;   // { "64" }
wmiObject.InvokeMethod("EnableStatic", ipParams, null);

When an IPv6 address (standard format) with a subnetmask (integer format) is passed to the EnableStatic method, it doesn't seem to apply it.

I thought it might have problems validating the subnetmask, but I'm not really sure if there is a full subnetmask notation for IPv6. Then again it might just as well be validation for the IP-address or something completely different.

I'm pretty new to this ManagementClass thing and I haven't figured out a way to read out errors. If anyone has some pointer for this, do tell.

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did you read this ?stackoverflow.com/questions/3360230/… –  unikorn Sep 27 '12 at 12:28

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Per @Codelgnoto comment, which points to @Mike answer, it is impossible to set this on Vista and higher; IPv6 has only limited support, such as reading the value - not setting it. See Mike's post for brief (surprising) answer.

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