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If I have an object which has other nested objects and properties, like the one below.

var request = new GetInfoRequest
   GetInformation = new GetInformationType
      Code = "abc",
      Id = "123",
      Item = new InfoItem
         Itemid = "test",
         ItemName = "testname"
      StartDate = new StartdatumType { Start = new DateTime(1990, 1, 1)},
      EndDate = new EndDateType { End = new DateTime.Now }    

When passing this object to a function I want to check that none of its properties or objects are null.

public InfoResponse getInfo(request)
  // Check that the request object has no null properties or objects.

Is there a simpler way of checking this than stepping through each child object and property with if statements? A recursive method or something similar?

In my getInfo function I don't want to have to write like this:

if (request != null && request.GetInformation != null && ... etc.)
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Hmm, you can recursively step through each child object and property ... can you elaborate a bit further where you're stuck at? – O. R. Mapper Sep 27 '12 at 12:20
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Use reflection and iterate through all the properties to check for null. Here is a snippet to get started

using System.Reflection;

GetInfoRequest objGetInfoRequest;
Type getInfoRequestType = objGetInfoRequest.GetType();
PropertyInfo[] myProps = getInfoRequestType.GetProperties();
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you could use reflection to iterate through the fields.

you well need some recursion for the nested values.

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