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I am trying to write JUnit tests by using an embedded glassfish server and EJB3.

I am using maven and my project has 3 modules, and in each of them I want to perform tests.

The module I am currently trying to write tests for is called Backend.

The problem is, that I require a "java:module/" scope for my jndi lookups in the test environment, but when I execute the test only "java:global/classes/" seems to exists.

Does anyone know how I can also execute module scope lookups in an embedded glassfish server?

Some further infos:

  • Modul structure:
    • EJB Module (called Backend)
    • WAR Module (called Frontend)
    • JAR Module (utility things)
  • POM test dependencies:

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Ok, I solved this by using Arquillian and deploying my EAR archive as an EnterpriseArchive.

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