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let's assume i have this code

class SomeController < ApplicationController
  def some_methode
    some_var = some_value
    render text: some_var

now, in Rspec i want to test the controller with different values.
how do i assign some_other_value to some_var?
i looked at stub but it doesnt work. i tried:

assign(:some_var, some_other_value )
controller.some_methode.stub(some_var: some_other_value )
some_methode.stub(some_var: some_other_value )
controller.some_methode.stub!(some_var: some_other_value )
controller.some_methode.stub(:some_var).and_return(some_other_value )

none of them works. some_var doesn't changes to some_other_value

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If you want to test that some_var is assigned the value some_value, then you can use assigns (which I notice is not in your list):

it "assigns some_value to some_var" do
  get :some_method
  assigns(:some_var).should == some_value

However, if what you want to do is to actually override the assignment of some_value to some_var, then my advice would be to rethink (and possibly refactor) your controller code. I don't believe this is possible in rspec, but even if it is I don't think it's the right thing to do here.

If the value some_value is something that will change, then better to create a controller method for it and stub that method.

For example, in your controller code create a method get_value and assign some_var to that:

def some_method
  some_var = get_value
  render text: some_var


def get_value

Then you can stub get_value in your spec:

it "does something when some_var is assigned value_to_test" do
  get :some_method
  ... should ...

If on the other hand some_value is coming from the params hash, then you can control that by changing what is passed in to the call to the HTTP action:

it "does something when passed value_to_test" do
  get :some_method, :some_var => value_to_test
  ... should ...

This will set params[:some_var] to be value_to_test in your controller action.

For more on this see also this discussion (a bit old but relevant).

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weird that you can stub instans vars but not regular vars. i ended up refactor it as you suggested. thanks – sagivo Sep 27 '12 at 13:45

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