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I have to make a program that allows me to write and all letters that i will press in keyboard will make possible to get a fragment from bitmap image which responds to the letter that I have pressed.I can not use SDL_ttf only SDL_image with c++.

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Your question is too generic - what portion of this do you have a problem with? There are multiple ways of handling input (console, windows messages, etc.) Please be more specific about what you are using and what the requirements are –  mtsvetkov Sep 27 '12 at 13:37

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  1. Find a nice bitmap full of ASCII glyphs, like this one.

  2. Load into a SDL_Surface using SDL_image.

  3. In your keyboard handling loop grab the ASCII value when a key is hit.

  4. Use the ASCII value to find the correct 8x8 block in the bitmap to copy from.

  5. Use SDL_Blit with the appropriate src rect (from step 4) and dst x/y to blit to the screen

  6. Increment your dst x value by 8. Wrap if it gets "too large" and then increment your dst y by 8.

  7. BAM! Cheesy graphical text input. Bonus points for handling backspace and/or carriage return.

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