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Is there a way to log the validation results which get populated in the ResponseStatus when you have the ValidationFeature plugin enabled?

From what i can understand, any requests coming in get validated and if the validation passes then it goes to the service. Using request filters i can log the requests coming in however using the response filters i can only log valid requests.

I trying to log all responses especially HttpStatus 400 (Bad request) which is returned as a result of a validation error.

I have also tried to play a bit with the RequestLog plugin but from what i understood what gets logged are only valid request (i.e requests that went to the service).

I hope you understand what i am trying to say.

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Look to see how 7digital have customized ServiceStack's Validation Feature to support logging.

Related Features

The new API supports the concept of a ServiceRunner you can override to add your own event and exception hooks you can read about in the wiki.

There is also the built-in Request Logger that lets you expect details of the more recently processed requests.

Create an issue on the GitHub project if you want to see logging in the validation feature.

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7digitals approach kind of worked for me as well. –  Andreas Pilavakis Oct 2 '12 at 7:50
The 7digital link was broken for me, but found it here instead: antonydenyer.co.uk/blog/2012/09/20/… –  Rob Bird Jan 6 '14 at 23:55

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