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I need current month name as default perameter name in my ssrs report. How can i get current month name using ssrs expression.

Like 27-09-2012 to September
and one more i need....

27-09-2012 to previous month name as well (August)

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First question: =MonthName(Month(Fields!datefield.Value))

Second question: =MonthName(Month(Fields!datefield.Value)-1)

I can't really test it right now, but I think the second question answer might be something like that, first converting the date to month then subtracting 1 from the month value and then converting it to month name.

Taken from here: SSRS Reports get Month name from Month Index or from date


OFF: I would change the date format you are using to 2012-09-27 as it works in every setting and should give you peace of mind when converting date formats.

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but i don't want to use (Fields!datefield.Value). Is there any way to get the date..... like now() or getdate().... –  Sandeep Pulikonda Sep 27 '12 at 14:58
Try using =MonthName(Month(today())), tell us if it works. I edited the comment, to get the current date the function is today(), not now(). –  Turque Sep 27 '12 at 15:03
Second Question: "=MonthName(Month(DateAdd(DateInterval.Month, -1, Today())))", as user2754817 said. MonthName() was a great help. Thanks! –  TamusJRoyce Apr 9 at 19:48
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Don't subtract 1 b/c it won't work for January. Use this: MonthName(Month(DateAdd("m", -1, CDate(Today))))

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