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I have data as:

abc aabcd abcd Abc
ABCjj abcdef abc abcGHI abc

I want it as:

PQR replaces abc: output:

PQR aabcd abcd Abc
ABCjj abcdef PQR abcGHI PQR

Here only exact abc are replaced wit PQR, and abcdef,abcGHI are as they were.

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The exact string abc appears as a substring of abcdef. Perhaps you mean something other than "exact abc". (eg, word boundaries) – William Pursell Sep 27 '12 at 18:39
printf ',s/\<abc\>/PQR/g;w;' | tr \; \\012 | ed input-file

You can also write this (perhaps more readably) as:

ed input-file << EOF
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