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I parsed and have pointer xmlNodePtr upto category tag, But I want to get the value of the node(name) like TrailersFreeMovies , Trailers in an array.


guide me to parse this

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libxml2 can be confusing to a newcomer. I would honestly recommend using a simpler library if performance isn't of the essence. –  Richard J. Ross III Sep 27 '12 at 16:23
I'd recommend looking at the libxml2 examples, specifically tree1.c, which shows how to navigate a document and get contents. xmlsoft.org/examples/index.html#tree1.c –  Jason Viers Sep 27 '12 at 21:54

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XPath part of the api returns an array of nodes. See XPath examples.

Once you obtain the result of xmlXPathEvalExpression as xpathObj then the array is in xpathObj->nodesetval->nodeTab. nodesetval is a pointer to xmlNodeSet type.

xmlGetNodePath returns following values for the nodes of your sample xml matching the //name xpath expression:


So a specific answer to your question would be: apply xpath expression ("%s/name", xmlGetNodePath(categoryNode)) and process returned array of nodes. For each entry get the text with xmlNodeListGetString(doc, node->xmlChildrenNode, 1).

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