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A JRuby/Rails application with a rufus-scheduler job that runs daily. However, when the application runs into a Java Heap Space (Tomcat) the job stops running silently.

This apparently occurs only in Threadsafe mode.

Abstracted config/initializer/update_scheduler.rb

scheduler = Rufus::Scheduler.start_new

#Runs everyday at 7:30 AM - expected after all ETL/MV refreshes are executed
scheduler.cron("30 7 * * *", :tags => 'auto_update') do
    # do stuff "log info and duration"
  rescue Exception => s_e
    Rails.logger.error "Scheduler Failed"

class << scheduler
  def lwarn (&block)
    Rails.logger.error("Scheduler Error: " +

MyApp::Application.config.scheduler = scheduler
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Did you ever solve this issue? I'm getting a thrift exception only when I turn on config.threadsafe! in my Rails 3.2 app: Thrift::ProtocolException (No version identifier, old protocol client?) This Rails 3.2.13 app is running on JRuby and Puma. Thanks for any pointers on how to debug why turning ON threadsafe! causes problems... – likethesky Oct 10 '13 at 19:54

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