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I have a view backed by a CAEAGLLayer, which is inside a UIScrollView. When I begin scrolling, the CADisplayLink that calls the -draw method of openGL view stops getting called.

I verified that my runloop start / stop methods don't get called when scrolling. The -draw method simply doesn't get called as soon as scrolling begins, and resumes getting called as soon as scrolling ends.

Does UIKit stop a CADisplayLink from firing as soon as scrolling starts?

The display link is added to the run loop like this:

[dl addToRunLoop:[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] forMode:NSDefaultRunLoopMode];

Maybe there is a conflict with this run loop mode and UIScrollView? Are there other run loop modes or alternative solutions to keep a CADisplayLink firing even when a UIScrollView is scrolling?

I thought there can be more than just one CADisplayLink in any application. Is that wrong?

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You're not in NSDefaultRunLoopMode while scrolling a UIScrollView; you're in UITrackingRunLoopMode. So any timer scheduled only for the former won't fire in the latter. You can add your CADisplayLink to multiple run loop modes by calling addToRunLoop:forMode: repeatedly, or call it once with NSRunLoopCommonModes, which covers both modes.

They talked about this in detail, and other issues with integrating scroll views with GL, at WWDC 2012 in Session 223: "Enhancing User Experience with Scroll Views"; I recommend watching the video, as there's lots of other stuff in there that's likely relevant to your situation.

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So what can I do about it? How can I schedule a timer for multiple modes so it also fires while scrolling? Just two calls to -addToRunLoop:forMode: ? –  Proud Member Sep 27 '12 at 17:10
See edited answer. –  rickster Sep 28 '12 at 0:32
re: WWDC video - sample code begins at 31:30 –  Robby Jul 4 '14 at 20:45

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