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I am trying to create new google spreadsheet using the google spreadsheet api using node.js

I have managed to get the Google OAuth 2.0 working, where I am getting the access tokens for the clients.

Now on searching the Google API docs there are example using the gData client library but nothing giving me pointers to node.js

Here are my findings for creating a new google spreadhseet

  1. Upload a spreadsheet manually OR
  2. Use a resumable upload link

There is not much information on the resumable upload link.

I can see the HTTP Post Request and Response but I do not understand how to construct the post request in node.js


I am reading Google Apps Platform

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EastCloud has written a friendly-ish wrapper around the Google Docs/Drive API

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If all you want to know is how to construct post request, then check this example


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I am aware of how to do a post request in node.js. I want to know if at all i am to make a post request to google for creating a new spreadhsheet, to what link should I do the post and what should I post –  Anand Sunderraman Sep 28 '12 at 5:37

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