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I was trying to add a new System Call to linux kernel 3.2.x. While searching for useful reference material over the internet i had an impression that implementing system call as a loadable module is not possible as in SO question Is it possible to add a system call via a LKM?

I found another link which says this "There is a way to add system calls without recompiling the kernel using modules as a wrapper, but that is beyond the scope of this document". source

I know implementing system call statically will require me to compile the kernel code each time i make any changes. Is there a way as specified in the above mentioned blog that i can implement it as a module.

Any suggestions or pointers in the direction are much appreciated.

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Can you solve your problem using a device driver model instead? With an open character device you can use read(), write(), ioctl(), etc. to communicate from userspace to kernel space. The result would be much more portable. – Peter Sep 27 '12 at 14:13
@Peter yes it can be done by i was looking for this solution specifically as i am trying to learn this. Do you have any idea what this guy in the blog is talking.. thanks – abhi Sep 27 '12 at 16:03
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  1. Locate sys_call_table/ia32_sys_call_table
  2. Make a copy and modify it as you wish (let it be my_sys_call_table)
  3. Locate system_call entry (this one and others)
  4. Modify NR_syscalls compare instruction in case of table size has changed
  5. Modify sys_call_table reference at system_call to point to my_sys_call_table:

    500        call *sys_call_table(,%eax,4)
    500        call *my_sys_call_table(,%eax,4)
  6. Profit?

Have fun :)

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@llya thanks for the reply.. i will try to implement your suggestion. Though in the point 6 what do you mean by Profit?.. thanks – abhi Sep 28 '12 at 5:53
@abhi: Note that system_call is in .text segment and is RO. You'll need to find a way to write to read-only kernel's memory. Also, note that the write must be atomic operation in case of SMP-systems. Profit? means that from the 6th step you'll get the profit :) – Ilya Matveychikov Sep 28 '12 at 12:55

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