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I am recompiling a project. Previously I was using WindowsXP, but I switched to Windows7.

Problematic part of the makefile is:

        INSTALL_DIR := C:\PROGRA~1\micros~1.0\VC

%if !%exists($(INSTALL_DIR))
%error blablabla...

It seems, that PROGRA~1 is already expanded in the first line, because I am getting following error:

(line 25): Test: ')' expected; got "Files". Stop.

Why the behaviour is different than under WindowsXP? How to cope with it? (It is not the only place where I use such construction...)

Maximus - thank you for your answer - it helped me a lot ;) I wanted to make sure that everything is OK, and I noticed, that I made stupid mistake.

Once again, more code:

%echo case 1
%echo $(INSTALL_DIR)
    INSTALL_DIR := C:\PROGRA~1\micros~1.0\VC
    %echo case 2

%if !%exists($(INSTALL_DIR))
    %error blablabla

I thought, that case 2 is executed, but in fact case 1 is executed... Now everything is clear :) Thanks :-)

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Does these short names really exists on problem PC? May be your path has different short names variant. Anyway - it's a bad idea to use hardcoded shortnames, they are not constant. –  Maximus Sep 27 '12 at 15:32
Yes, I checked with "dir /x". Unfortunately, that is not the case... –  user1703589 Sep 28 '12 at 6:58
1. Are you sure that "%else" block is executed? (INSTALL_DIR := C:\PROGRA~1\micros~1.0\VC), may be condition (not visible here) failed? 2. What versions of compilers you are using in XP and 7? –  Maximus Sep 28 '12 at 7:07

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