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I was wondering how/if it would be possible to link a specific folder in Google Drive to a specific Google Apps user using nothing but Google Apps scripts?

Reason for this is that we create new Google Apps users with a google form and some Google Apps scripts behind it. Afterwards we want every user to have a specific company folder linked to their "My Drive"

Any tip is welcome :)



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Sure thing!

Provided you made a form that has a few values use this code:

function myFunction(e) {
  var username = e.namedValues.username;
  var givenName = e.namedValues.givenName;
  var familyName = e.namedValues.familyName;
  var password = e.namedValues.password;

  var user = UserManager.createUser(username, givenName, familyName, password);
  var folder = DocsList.createFolder(username);


Make a trigger with the event: onFormSubmit

With kind regards,

Thomas van Latum

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