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I made a dynamic CellTable using this question as guide : Create GWT CellTable Dynamically

But like that I can only made a editable CellTable, I don't know why.

Check my Code:

CellTable<List<String>> tableDynamic;
SimplePager pagerDynamic;

private SingleSelectionModel<List<String>> 
selectionModelDynamic = new SingleSelectionModel<List<String>>();
private List<String> columns = new ArrayList<String>();
private List<List<String>> data = new ArrayList<List<String>>();
private ListDataProvider<List<String>> providerDynamic 
= new ListDataProvider<List<String>>();

My Factory

public CellTable<List<String>> getTabelaDynamic() {
    CellTable<List<String>> table
            = new com.google.gwt.user.cellview.client.CellTable<List<String>>();

    //List<String> columnsArray = colunas;
    List<String> columnsArray = columns();
    for (int column = 0; column < columnsArray.size(); column++) {
        table.addColumn(new IndexedColumn(column), new
    providerDynamic.setList(new ArrayList<List<String>>());
    return table;

Method to get Columns:

//Just a static test 
public List<String> columns(){
    return colunas;

Method for setting data with only one column.

public void setSingleData(List<String> bankData) {
    for (String s : bankData) {
         List<String> help = new ArrayList<String>();

I Do a rpc call(onBind method) to get the list and populate on setsingledata method.

Why I'm receiving a editable celltable?

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Your table is editable because IndexedColumn uses EditTextCell in the other question. Use TextCell and your table will not be editable.

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