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I would want check if string is a valid xhtml/html. I have some html string get by tinymce editor. I would want in first time before save it into mysql database check if this html string is valid. I'm trying php tidy library:

    $html = '<div> <a href="#">a link</a> this is test <p>close tag error</p> </p> <p></p>';
    $tidy = new \tidy();
    $clean = $tidy->repairString($html,array(
        'output-xml' => true,
        'input-xml' => true

but it output this:

<div>\n<a href="#">a link</a>this is test \n<p>close tag error</p>other text \n<p></p></div>

so tags are closed correctly but tidy put /n characters. How can repair html without carriage return character?

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You need to use htmlspecialhars_decode() to disable displaying of special characters...

$clean = htmlspecialchars_decode($clean);
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While not perfect (since it could destroy any actual carridge returns you have) the quick answer would be:

 $string = str_replace('\n', '', $originalString);
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str_replace('\n', '', $originalString); will remove only the \n strings in text. The real carridge return characters will stay in tact, unless used with double quotes like this: str_replace("\n", '', $originalString); –  Дамян Станчев Sep 27 '12 at 15:04

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