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I have two sets "set1" and "set2" and just want to append elements from "set2" (not presented in "set1") to "set1" I wanted to use redis's SUNIUON, but it returns elements in very strange order

redis> SADD key1 "a"
(integer) 1
redis> SADD key1 "b"
(integer) 1
redis> SADD key1 "c"
(integer) 1
redis> SADD key2 "c"
(integer) 1
redis> SADD key2 "d"
(integer) 1
redis> SADD key2 "e"
(integer) 1
redis> SUNION key1 key2
1) "b"
2) "c"
3) "d"
4) "a"
5) "e"
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That's normal since Redis Sets are an unordered collection of Strings: see the official documentation.

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Once again, sets keep track of unique elements, in an unordered fashion. You say that SADD keeps order, but that's wrong: redis> SADD key1 a (integer) 1 redis> SADD key1 b (integer) 1 redis> SADD key1 c (integer) 1 redis> SMEMBERS key1 1) "c" 2) "a" 3) "b" You should probably use another data type that better fit your purpose. –  deltheil Sep 28 '12 at 10:09
Yes I'm mistaken =(( –  n0nSmoker Sep 28 '12 at 10:55

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