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I use jquery-ui-map and really like it.

The demo files JQUERY-UI-MAP include a "pagination" sample that will "populate" itself based on the markers on the map. (SAMPLE)

I would like to have a "predefined" pagination based on regions (europe, africa, north-america, south-america, etc.)

We have about 3000 markers on the map with clusters and filtering.

The pagnation / navigation can be "on top of the map" or in a sidebar.

The goal is: a visitor click on "EUROPE" and the map centers to some given coordinates with a given Zoom Factor. We will add about 20 regions - a sample for 2 or three "fixed" coordinates ould be really helpful.

That is how the "auto" pagination works:

( function($) {
    $.extend($.ui.gmap.prototype, {
         * Page through the markers. Very simple version.
         * @param prop:the marker property to show in display, defaults to title
        pagination: function(prop) {
            var $el = $("<div id='pagination' class='pagination shadow gradient rounded clearfix'><div class='lt btn back-btn'></div><div class='lt display'></div><div class='rt btn fwd-btn'></div></div>");
            var self = this, i = 0, prop = prop || 'title';
            self.set('p_nav', function(a, b) {
                if (a) {
                    i = i + b;
            self.get('p_nav')(true, 0);
            $el.find('.back-btn').click(function() {
                self.get('p_nav')((i > 0), -1, this);
            $el.find('.fwd-btn').click(function() {
                self.get('p_nav')((i < self.get('MarkerClusterer').length - 1), 1, this);
            self.addControl($el, google.maps.ControlPosition.TOP_LEFT);         
} (jQuery) );

thank you

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Are you storing data on database and using AJAX? –  david strachan Sep 28 '12 at 10:44
Yes, all is in MySQL –  Christian K. Oct 1 '12 at 16:44

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