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How can i change plus to minus from url query for example: from ?search=some+words to ?search=some-words Because if i use + i get results only from the first word. Is there a way to do it ?

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It depends where do you want to make the change: PHP/htaccess... – lvil Sep 27 '12 at 15:01
I need it in php. – Cola Deu Sep 27 '12 at 15:06
i found out $search = rawurlencode(strip_tags(str_replace("_", " ", $_GET['search']))); – Cola Deu Sep 27 '12 at 15:14

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$search = rawurlencode(strip_tags(str_replace("_", " ", $_GET['search'])));

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Excellent overview about the different possibilites including examples here.

It's in german, but the code is self-explaining.


$_GET['parameter1'] = urlencode('Dies ist ein längerer Beispielstring');

$_GET['parameter2'] = rawurlencode('Dies ist ein längerer Beispielstring');

// urlencode() macht aus dem Leerzeichen ein +
// rawurlencode() hingegen ein %20
var_dump(urlencode(' '), urldecode(urlencode(' ')));
var_dump(rawurlencode(' '), rawurldecode(rawurlencode(' ')));

var_dump(urlencode('+'), urldecode(urlencode('+')));
var_dump(rawurlencode('+'), rawurldecode(rawurlencode('+')));

results in

string(41) "Dies+ist+ein+l%C3%A4ngerer+Beispielstring"
string(37) "Dies ist ein längerer Beispielstring"
string(49) "Dies%20ist%20ein%20l%C3%A4ngerer%20Beispielstring"
string(37) "Dies ist ein längerer Beispielstring"
string(1) "+"
string(1) " "
string(3) "%20"
string(1) " "
string(3) "%2B"
string(1) "+"
string(3) "%2B"
string(1) "+"

I would like to add that Apache's configs and mod_rewrite can affect this behaviour.

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