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Lets say I have a list of items of class AwsomeClass. This class has some properties string StringA and string StringB. It also has a method string AwesomeConcatenate() which (in this basic example) simply returns a new string made up of the two properties.

Is there a way to use a List<AwesomeClass> to produce a List<string> of the result of AwesomeConcatentate for each item?

I know I can use foreach to do this (and this is what I'm currently doing), but it feels like there ought to be a more concise approach.

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You can use Linq with Select method which projects each element of a sequence into a new form.

var result = list.Select(ac => ac.AwesomeConcatenate()).ToList()

MSDN in here:

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Yep, this is what LINQ is for!

var stringList = awesomeList.Select(x => x.AwesomeConcatenate()).ToList();

Select() creates a new sequence by applying the given method to each element in the source sequence.

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